When the green and green-yellow dried coffee beans in jute bags come from the port to the coffee roastery in Ziar, there a rather long journey to the consumer is waiting for. Doubtless the mixing of a "right" blend belongs to the most important phases. The two up to the four coffee sorts are usually mixed in certain proportion into the blend. This composition CORA protects as a trade secret.
After the gathering the coffee cherries, which
are the fruit of coffee trees, season six up to
eight months. They have a vibrant red color after
seasoning. Inside of the coffee cherries are two
green seeds, which after the flesh removing
are dried off and treated and then they reach
color that varies, from pale emerald to blue-green
to gray-green and sometimes brown-yellow.
The dark color, fine flavour dried beans
reach only by roast. Roasting reduces
amount of acid in beans and supports
formation of aromatic oils, what we can
see at the beans surface as mat to soft
silky look. Now the beans have to be
quickly chilled to save amount of essence
We grind the roasted coffee beans just before
coffee brewing. Grinding mills beans and
releases aromatic oils and flavour. Incorrect
warehoused grinded coffee very quickly looses
flavour. Grinded coffee CORA is suitable for
all coffee types brewing; fine-ground coffee
for inundated coffee or drip coffee that
requires coarser grind.
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